The Label Maker

Years ago, a device was invented called the Label Maker. This small machine printed and labeled items all over the world based on the information the user provided. People of all ages were using the Label Maker and before you knew it, nearly everything around the office and home had a ‘label’.

I maintain to tell you that your mouth is a Label Maker as well. Whatever information your mind feeds y our mouth, your words print them out and label what’s around you. We have labels on everything; our family, our possessions, our health, our jobs, our businesses, etc., because whatever you call it is exactly what it is. God gave Adam authority to name all animals. Whatever he called it, is what God established it to be. That privilege still belongs to mankind. Whatever you call it, name it, or label it, is what God establishes it to be. Therefore if you say your husband is a no good son of a gun, so let it be. If you say your wife is a dizzy chick with no sense, so let it be. If you say your child is a dumb **, so let it be. If you say your job gets on your nerves, so let it be. If you say you are as a sick as a dog, so let it be. If you say you are broke as a joke, so let it be. Get the drift? Must I go on? Begin to rip off the harmful labels you have created and replace them with healthy ones. Denounce every word curse that you have spoken over yourself, job,, family, etc. Ask God to heal your tongue and burn with Holy Ghost fire the temptation to speak negatively. Remember, your professions rule you.

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