Illegal Access through Dreams

Watch what tries to gain access to your spirit during your dreams. Kill the snake before he has a chance to lay eggs. If you awaken disturbed with the gut feeling that something wicked visited you in your dreams and left a filthy residue, ask Holy Spirit to purge you, wash you and make you clean.

I experienced a very filthy dream last night and felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as if something was trying to burrow itself there but I plead the Blood of Jesus over all of my spiritual gates and I shut the door to all evil visitors in Jesus name. I pluck up every evil plant by the root and annihilate every plan of sabotage in Jesus name. Every unclean spirit trying to gain illegal access to the people of God through wicked dreams be cast out and sent wherever the Lord Jesus wants them to go. I refuse to come into alignment with filthy dreams and I denounce any evil agreement I may have made while asleep and unconscious in Jesus name.

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