Let it Go

Everyone has been hurt. Whether we have suffered injury from an intimate relationship, family, work, church or community, we all have been emotionally scarred at some point in our lives. Some of us are able to process the pain and move forward while others carry it around like a duffel bag tied to their hip. You were not designed to carry heavy emotions over an extended period of time. God gives us a grace and a space to deal with our problems before they take root and become a formative part of our character. You cannot dress up a hurt. It is what it is and it will ultimately reveal itself whether you care for it to or not.

Damaged emotions are leaky and they spill. They need to be cleaned up in the presence of God in private prayer, not at the altar on Sunday. This is going to take some time and it’s going to get real ugly when all the intricate details come to surface. It is high time to stop walking around like a normal somebody while trying to hide what is really lurking behind the smile. Get to God, get in prayer, and get delivered. Your life is too precious to waste it being bitter against someone who isn’t even thinking about you. Let it go.

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