church life

You Get What You Give

After being in church for nearly all of my life (since 8 yrs. old), I have just about seen and heard it all. One of the things I have heard people say is, The service was boring, or the Spirit didn’t move. Granted, there may be some places where the Spirit of the Lord has removed Himself because of the Ichabod, but in many cases, the service was boring because instead of joining in and pushing the atmosphere in prayer and praise, they sat in judgment. God is hardly going to move on the person who sits like a knot on a log watching what one wears and what one does. Why should He? The Lord only responds to Hunger and Thirst; therefore if your motive for coming to service is to detect whether the service was boring or not, you have not qualified to receive a Wind of God’s Breath. You have every right to walk out the door the same way, if not worse, because you came before the Lord empty handed. You don’t deserve to experience His Presence because you are not interested in it, don’t seek after it, and don’t know how to handle it, in fact check yourself because you may be on assignment from the enemy as a spy in God’s camp.

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