Forced Relationships

A young married woman appeared in my dreams last night very disturbed by the events in her marriage. She was trying to force her husband to be something against his wishes. She was forcing the will of God down His throat and trying within herself to conform him into the man of God she wanted him to be. Split seconds later, her garments changed. From the first, she appeared to be dressed modestly but when she found that she could not change her husband into her image, she began to dress very provocatively. I approached her in the dream and I instructed her that as a woman of God, this type of dress was unacceptable and unbecoming. She replied that she didn’t care and that she wanted men to pay attention. I pleaded with her to the point of tears in my eyes that this was not the way to go. I told her that she was making a very dangerous mistake by playing with the enemy. Her reply was of nonchalance and walked on past me.

Ladies, you cannot force your husband to be anything he is not ready or unwilling to be. When you do this it becomes witchcraft because you are trying to control a person against their will. This young lady wanted her husband in the church like she was, but the truth of the matter is that she wasn’t in the church like she thought she was and her husband saw through her hypocrisy and refused to follow her. When she determined that she could not persuade him one way, she thought to use another more malicious way to provoke him to jealousy when all she did was disrespect her husband, invited the enemy into her marriage through seduction, put Christ to an open shame and ultimately find herself in the Hands of an angry God. God spoke volumes to me through this dream. He said, Daughter, My sons do desire to come and worship before Me. He said they do love Me. But they show it differently than most of My daughters do and they have interpreted it to mean that their husbands are not interested in church. He said their husbands are closely observing their wives and refuse to follow them in their error because I have made them the head. He said most of them have more fear and reverence for Me than their church going wives because they respect Me enough to not play the hypocrite in My House. And my response was, Wow God.

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