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Prophecy for the Angry Man

It doesn’t take much to be angry. In fact, if you will sit quiet for only 10 minutes and reflect on what has happened to you and what others have done to you, anger can be stirred and arise from hidden places. Anger manifests in one of two ways, outwardly or inwardly. An outwardly angry person is explosive. Every one in close proximity to this type of angry person feels the blow. Those around them will feel threatened, offended, insulted, and even intimidated. This is the angry person with an explosive nature.

The other type of angry person is inwardly angry. This type of person is more dangerous than the former because their anger is insulated. They have veiled their anger behind forced smiles and artificial relations with others. What makes this person so dangerous is that they are trying to mask an emotion that will not be silenced. Anger cannot be closeted, it must be revealed and resolved. The inwardly angry person is implosive. This means they have a dangerous emotion trapped inside of their soul which, unbeknownst to them, constantly gnaws away at the fruit of their character. These types of angry people are a serious harm to themselves. They are subject to addictions to pacify and keep anger at bay. They are self-destructive, many times walking away from good, God graced opportunities such as jobs, careers, ministry, family, and relationships because when they sense an impending implosion, a release of anger they don’t want anyone to see, to save themselves, they abandon ship. The Lord is saying that today is the day He wants you, the angry person, to release this pent up emotion that is consuming the person He created you to be. He wants to replace your anger with joy. He wants to help you avoid the disasters of life that accompany angry men. Don’t be ashamed of the hurt, the pain, and the disappointment because there were very real disturbing events which led to those feelings, but it is not His will for you to live in a place called anger. The Lord desires for you to enjoy life beyond the failures and mishaps and has summoned you today to take His hand and let Him lead you there. This is the Lord’s mind and heart today toward the angry man. The time of your redemption is at hand; deliverance has come. Proverbs 29:22 An angry man stirs up dissension, and a hot-tempered one commits many sins. NIV

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