You may be journeying on the highway of life and have experienced more detours than the next person. Perhaps your way seems to a bit more bumpy than others. Let those detours and bumps signal to you the changes that God is making in your life to steer you away from danger. Everyone likes a smooth road but where is the adventure of growing your faith in God? Where is the experience necessary for maturation? God allows the detours and bumps to reassure you that no matter what you face in life, roadblocks, pot holes, crashes, accidents, flooding, and road widening to let you know that He has a plan to get you to your destination in Him beyond the circumstances. He allows the bumps and the curves to teach you how to appreciate balance in life. So the next time you are forced to agree with a sudden change in life, don’t look at it as a delay, rather look at it as your destiny being re-routed.

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