church life

Spectator Vs. Participator

During worship service today, and any other times, you will have two groups of people; the spectators and the participators. The spectators come to see, watch, and pay close attention to every thing but the thing they are supposed to pay attention to. They can tell you who had on what, who sat next to who, how many times so and so went to the bathroom, and who all shouted. They can tell you who led the songs, who took up the offering and what the pastor had on while preaching. They can give you a person’s shoe color, whether there was a run in someone’s hose and what so and so kids were doing. But ask them about the word of God and they couldn’t tell you. Ask them if the Lord spoke directly to them and they couldn’t tell you. But concerning the carnal thing, they are well versed.

The participator comes to service to praise and worship their God. They could care less what so and so has on. In fact, they don’t even remember because they were preoccupied with the presence of God. They can tell you what the Lord spoke to them and what the Lord used the pastor to minister. They leave the service being built up in the faith, encouraged and ready to tackle the next test. Besides that, another method to tell who the spectators and participators are, watch how they handle their trials. The participator will glorify God through it all, the spectator has not oil neither unction and will murmur and complain through the entire process. So who will you be in the House of God; spectator or participator?

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