church life

Your Kingdom Assignment

Many have asked what is their calling or what is their Kingdom assignment. The abbreviated answer to that is this; what do you like doing? What brings you joy and satisfaction? What do you find comes naturally to do? What do you find yourself thinking a lot about? What are you drawn to? And what is your passion? Assuming that a person’s answer is doing hair. That person finds great joy in making others beautiful. They take pride in the finished product. That person’s assignment in the Kingdom is to bring beauty to others. They have a ministry of restoration and encouragement. That person has a creative gift from God to bring beauty out of ashes. They help to uplift others, build others, and strengthen others which is their Kingdom assignment. If you are a mechanic, you have a gift to repair things. You are investigative which is a secular form of discerning. You make things safe and you have patience. You are also a teacher and understand preventive measures. You are a repairer in the Kingdom, you bring things to life and you help people get back on track. Your passion may be different but if you ever wondered who you are in the Kingdom and not from a churchy aspect of things, use the formula provided above and discover what hidden potential lies within you and make it happen.

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