spiritual symbolism

Excessive Baggage

For some unknown reason, I have a tendency to carry heavy bags (purses). I try with all my might to clean them out regularly to ensure they remain uncluttered (if possible) and that I am not carrying excessive items to make my bag heavy. I carry my bag on my arm so when I am walking over an extended distance, I shift the bag from one arm to another in an effort to relieve my arm muscles. Then I find myself disgusted because now I am trying to find out what is making my bag so heavy. Usually if my husband, my children or another trusted individual is with me, I shove the bag onto them which they reluctantly agree to carry. Then their conversation with me is goes something like this, “Gosh, what are you carrying in this bag?!”

My observation is this, many times we are carrying excess weight and baggage without even being aware of it. We are okay with the bag as long as we are carrying it temporarily, but when we have to hold it for extended periods of time, we find out that it is too heavy. From a spiritual standpoint, it is our duty to check what we are carrying in our spirit. We need to examine what it is that makes us feel ‘heavy in spirit’. There will be light matters in life which we can deal with rather easily and overcome but there are far more matters in our life that carries weight and becomes a burden. It’s difficult to preach while carrying a bag. It’s difficult to pray and worship while carrying a bag but many of us have discovered a way to do just that. When dining at the finer restaurants, the host will offer to take your coat and excessive baggage that you may be carrying along that you may enjoy your dining experience. They place these items securely away until you are done entertaining and hand them back to you upon your departure. But I know a more GRACIOUS HOST who has offered to take your bags and not just store them up for a later time, but will handle the bags for you. I know a Host who will manage the affairs within your bag in a way you never can. When you enter into His Place of Dining, He wants you to enjoy the full experience and not be concerned or bothered about the contents of your bag. And when you depart His establishment, there is no need to check for your bag because He will carry it for you. I challenge you to cast your cares (bags) upon Him for He cares for you.

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