Licensing the Enemy to Attack You

When a person violates a place of spiritual authority by trying to operate in a gift or work beyond their grace, the enemy has a LEGAL RIGHT to attack any and every area of their life at will. In Acts 19:14-16, the sons of Sceva tried to imitate a work or function in a grace that they did not have. The demons within the person they were trying to minister to rebuked them, assaulted them by ripping their clothes off and jumped on them and attacked them. Many have made light of this very place in scripture where the enemy has a license to attack the very individual who is playing around with something and disrespecting the sacred name of our God. The Lord is not impressed with our entertaining and showmanship, rather He wants to know who truly has His heart. When we look at statistics in ministry today, we see among many of those who have stood in a place where there was no grace allotted to them for the work they took upon themselves to do and the enemy ran upon them and stripped them naked.

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