Roots and Fruit of the Prophetic

Barnabas was a great prophet of consolation. Although prophets bring words of correction and instruction, there is a ministry of consolation that prophets carry. Everything is not hell and damnation. The Bible says that was he a good man, full of faith and full of the Holy Spirit. Prophets are not just filled with prophetic words but they are to be filled with faith. They must believe God for the impossible. They must have faith for the people when their faith wavers. And they must be FULL of the Holy Spirit. That means the FRUIT of the Spirit are always in manifestation. In the time of persecution, Barnabas was tremendously used by the Lord to keep the people encouraged and comforted. He was also a man by whom the Lord drew many unto Himself. The prophet has a gift of soul winning just like the evangelist. They long to see people being restored to their original place in God.

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