Bringing Clarity to the Prophetic

I was looking at Google analytics yesterday and discovered that more people are researching ‘false prophets’ than they are ‘prophets’. I feel the reason is because many believers are still confused over what makes a prophet false and how to discern the false prophet from the true prophet. In an age where nearly everyone is prophesying, it can be difficult to determine the real from the fake if one lacks discernment or does not study scripture. Many still don’t know the difference between word of wisdom, word of knowledge, prophesiers and prophets, so I will summarize them here for those who may not know.

Word of wisdom is a spiritual revelation given by God to a spirit filled believer that gives a solution to a problem. That person may or not may know what the problem is but will be used by Holy Spirit to offer the solution. Word of knowledge is a spiritual revelation given by God to a spirit filled believer that gives specific information that they otherwise could not have known about another person, place, or thing. Many times this is used to confirm a prayer or prophecy. Prophesiers are spirit filled believers with the spirit of prophecy in operation. They can make known the mind, purpose, will, and plan of God. They can also make known the counsel of the Lord. Many times this gift is stirred up in worship and prayer. Prophets are spirit filled believers called to function in the government of the Kingdom of God to build, encourage, and comfort. They are teachers of the word of God and they make known the hidden mysteries and revelation of God. They function alongside the apostles to build a sure foundation in the Houses of God with the evangelists, teachers, and pastors. They use the gifts of wisdom, knowledge, and prophecy, as well as all other spiritual gifts and fruit to function effectively in their office.

The false prophet will invade the governmental office to make disciples after themselves. They operate in the lust of the eye, lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. They are not submissive to the will of God and do not carry the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ. They are hirelings, operate in anti-Christ spirits, and in all degrees of charismatic witchcraft. They are ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing fleecing the sheep and dividing the spoil for themselves. They corrupt the Houses of God, are enemies to the Faith, are divisive, contentious, and subtle.

A sure way to determine a false prophet from a true prophet is to inspect their fruit. Do they possess the fruits of the Spirit? Do they turn the people’s hearts to themselves or to the Lord? A true prophet will never take God’s glory but a false prophet will always hoard the applause of man for themselves. Discern.

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