church life

Can’t Open a Locked Door

One cannot invite another to experience something if they never had the experience themselves. There are many trying to open portals and doors in Heaven when those doors and portals were never made available to them in the first place. It’s not difficult to determine who has had spiritual experiences because they will always carry the residue of such place. When Moses spent time in the presence of the Lord, he had to veil his face because the residue of glory was blinding to those who had never been. When Jesus stood atop the mount of transfiguration, His clothes changed into a glorious white.

One cannot speak about having such an experience and there be no fruit to signify such an event actually took place. If one has had a true God encounter, they won’t return to engage in the same carnal minded behavior that they used to. Their life should be forever changed. They should be more compassionate, considerate, merciful, and loving. We can’t expect to believe that one has had a true God encounter and still manifest the lusts of the flesh. Either they have had a true God encounter or they lied, but the proof will always be in the pudding.

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