church life

The Steps from Bethlehem to Jerusalem

Mike Bickle said it best. Jesus had to begin as an infant child in Bethlehem before He reached the zenith of His earthly ministry in Jerusalem. Even David began as a shepherd boy in Bethlehem before being crown as king. Need we not think that we can bypass all of what it takes to mature in ministry for the sake of a quick thrust to the top of the mountain. Laying foundations takes time, especially a foundation that is to last and endure the tests of time. Those ‘little’ days in ministry are preparation for what is to come. Your faithfulness is being tested. Your dedication and devotion to the work of ministry must be proven. David had to first conquer and overcome the lions and bears in the wilderness before he could stand before Goliath. He had to ‘practice’ the sling shot while alone to bolster the confidence to use it in front of his family, the king and his army. What you do in your ‘little’ days are very significant to determining what you will do when you ‘arrive’.

Jesus submitted to learning carpentry, his family’s trade, knowing full well that He was the MASTER BUILDER. He learned humility and meekness. He learned restrain by not calling on the tens of thousands of legions of angels who served Him no matter how many times the devil tried Him. He had to GIVE His life because no one could take it from Him. He learned the art of sacrifice during His ‘little’ days. What are you learning? What skill are you mastering in your ‘little’ days? How is what you are presently doing preparing you for what is to come? Are you ready for the next assignment or have you whined and complained all of your ‘little’ days? You are destined to display God’s glory and power but you must first be faithful during your ‘little’ days.

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