praise and worship

Frustrating the Presence of God

The ark of the Lord was in the house of Obed Edom because David mishandled the glory of God. It was told to David that Obed Edom’s house was being blessed due to the presence of the Lord being there. For three months, David prayed and sought the Lord how to bring up the ark to Jerusalem, but when he was told the blessings of God were in the house of Obed Edom, a renewed determination stood within him to go after the ark. It is our responsibility as believers to pursue the presence of God. If a person has never experienced His presence they will never know the fullness of that joy, but to the ones who have, it should be that which we pursue, covet, and long after on a regular basis. Where the presence of the Lord is, there are commanded blessings. Where the presence of the Lord is honored, there are distinct blessings that belong to our households.

There are some right now who are walking in an overflow of blessings and favor because they have chosen to honor the presence of God. Obed Edom provided a place for the glory of God to dwell without wrestle. The Lord found a place for His glory to rest in Obed Edom’s house. Can He find such a place in your earthly temple? Because David initially assumed the handling of God’s presence even with 30,000 men, with worship, instruments, and dance, death resulted because he frustrated and underestimated the Glory of the Holy One of Israel. God is not going to let you rape Him or molest Him, either you will honor and respect His presence or He will deal with you after your folly. Saul lost his place as king because he frustrated the glory of God. Uzzah died because he became common with God’s glory. Beloved, you cannot mishandle the presence of God without consequence. There are many tongue talking saints who are in a dreadful place in the Kingdom because they have frustrated the glory of God. The Lord God, Himself has frowned against those whom have tried to dishonor and disrespect His presence. He will reprove (correct, rebuke) even His own kings, such as He did with Saul and David, for touching His anointed. We perceived that when He says His anointed, that He is solely referring to a person. No, even His things (money, buildings, equipment, etc., that which is consecrated unto Him) are anointed because they belong to Him. Some of our brooks have dried up, our houses desolate, our ministries exacerbated and our relationships soured because we have frustrated the presence of God. It is time to walk in humility, put away pride and recognize that the Lord is to be worshiped, revered, and obeyed. He will neither share His glory with another, nor will He allow His creation to dishonor His glorious presence.

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