Spiritual Warfare, word of wisdom

Prophetic Warning: Spirit of Castration

There is much to be said about what is taking place in our homes and its effects on society, but I will say this. If we don’t begin strategically working on our next generation, there are going to be many heartbroken parents, mothers especially, upon the face of the earth. The enemy has rightly devised a plan to subvert the minds of our young men. This is a spirit called CASTRATION. It has come to

cut off the strength of the man. A wicked and foul demon is released to swallow our young men and if the saints don’t wake up and stand up, our daughters are going to pay the penalty for our carelessness.

This filthy spirit will rob our young men the pleasure of working to earn a living. It will rob them the joys of marriage and fathering children with their wife. It will rob them the pride of owning their own home, mowing their lawn, and washing their own cars. It will rob them the satisfaction of loving a woman and being loved in return. It will rob them the pleasure of seeing their child learn to ride bike for the first time. It will rob them of the abundant life Jesus has made available to them because the will to be a real man will not be present.

There must be changes made to offset this travesty that the enemy desires to release upon our young men. The church must move beyond the four walls. Stop waiting for families to come through the door and go where these families are. Men, take to the basketball courts. Men, take to the car washes. Men, take to the football fields. Men, take to the cafeterias of our schools. Men, take to the afterschool centers and day camps. Quit hiding behind the pulpit and your three piece suits and go after your sons. Get to them before the enemy does. Get to them before the liquor bottle, the drug, the sex, and the gun does. Be proactive not reactive. Stop the problem while its a mole hill, don’t wait until it’s a mountain. If you wait until the beard has grown in, the voice deepens and the shoe size increases, you are already in trouble.

As a prophet of God, I sound the alarm now. Mothers, quit babying your sons. Quit giving them everything they want, you are spoiling them and making a monster of a man out of him. If that boy’s father is not around, find your brother, uncle, grandfather, cousin, pastor, teacher, or friend, but get your son the help he needs before it’s too late.

The spirit of castration is seeking whom he may devour. He has no respect of persons, don’t let your son be its victim. Watch and pray and watch some more.

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