Get Off My Back!!!

It’s one thing to help bear one another’s burden but it’s quite another when they don’t want to carry their fair share. Everybody needs a helping hand from time to time, but my goodness, your hand is supposed to be JOINED WITH the helping hand! We have a society of people who won’t go through their tests and will burden you and wear you out with their nonsense because they don’t want to go through.

Jesus said cast your cares on Him, not your friend. Quit wearing people out and find your own place in prayer. Quit asking people to pray for you and you are not praying for yourself. There are too many false burdens being tossed around. If the Lord designed this test for you, take your test!!! Pass it with flying colors so you can move to another place. But it’s time for many of God’s people to put the pacifiers and teething rings down and walk after the full stature of a man in Christ Jesus.

Everybody has issues. People are trying to maintain with the little oil that they have. Call somebody with good news sometime. Let them be glad to see you come and hate to see you go and not the other way around.

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