Breaking Ties with Negative People

Some of you have been frustrated and even discouraged about the things you need to put your hands to because you have been listening to NEGATIVE FOLK. Here is some wisdom for you and it’s FREE OF CHARGE!

Negative folk say negative things because they are NEGATIVE!

When you realize that what they are doing is being true to themselves, then you need to rise up out of their influence and be TRUE TO


The more time you waste listening to negative people is time YOU CANNOT GET BACK. So you have wasted CHUNKS and PORTIONS of your life listening to negative people and you wonder why you are frustrated and discouraged!

I’m no genius nor am I the brightest crayon in the box, but I will say this. You ought to know better by now that a negative person cannot speak positively about what you’re doing because THEY ARE NEGATIVE! Excuse yourself from their pessimistic and shallow conversations and PURSUE YOUR PURPOSE. Stop wasting time with folks who like to WASTE TIME!

I prophesy one word to you. FORWARD!

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