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Don’t Betray Your Gift

Don’t betray your gift. There are many who have certain skills and talents burning within them but are hesitant to pursue them based on fear of speculation. Don’t let others dream for you. Don’t let them hope and aspire for you. You know that writing makes you happy, you know that repairing vehicles brings you satisfaction, then you need to pursue that. Many prophets today are lining folks up and telling them that they are the next apostle or prophet and that may be true. But besides a Kingdom occupation, you also have a marketplace occupation. You may not be able to provide for your family based on your vocation in Christ as pastor or teacher, but your secular vocation enables you to. Many have stumbled in this area. Just because God called you to a work in Him does not mean you have to stop working!!!!

Jesus, Lord and Savior, was a carpenter! He had a vocation, a job!!! IMAGINE THAT!!! Peter, an apostle, was a commercial angler (fisherman). Paul, an apostle, was a tentmaker. Notice, these weren’t white collar, pencil pushing jobs. They were laborers!! WHY ARE THE BELIEVERS AFRAID TO WORK? WHERE DID THAT MENTALITY COME FROM? Certainly not from the Lord Jesus!

I believe strongly that this is why some in ministry charge for everything, including prophecy and prayer, because they need a bill paid! Jesus called a seaside conference FOR FREE AND and fed the attendees with fish and bread!!! (Oh, I know that is unheard of!) Sure, He received offerings; Judas was His treasurer, but He also had job skills.

Listen, there is nothing wrong with registration for a conference or a program and all that because ministry does incur expenses. I’m a pastor and I know that full well. But there are some who are just excessive, outrageous and ridiculous in terms of making financial demands! If you are in ministry for the sole purpose of making money, you are a HIRELING!!! You need to get a job and quit placing unnecessary demands on God’s people to take care of you when God gave you two good hands and feet, a brain and some common sense. You may think you are robbing the people but you are really robbing yourself because you will never experience the fulfillment of seeing the WORKS of YOUR hands prosper.

As I close, there will always be those, the Levites, if you will, whom the Lord calls to Himself and is their portion. God blesses them in ministry to the point they don’t need a secular vocation, but that does apply to everyone. Remember, out of 12 tribes, only 1 tribe had that privilege and they were in the minority. So don’t fool yourself, if your ministry is struggling and going under financially, seek the Lord concerning His will. It just may be that He wants to provide for you through the works of your hands and not solely on the works of the ministry. Don’t betray the gift and don’t be ashamed of what you like to do. If you are a pastor, but you also like carpentry, go for it. Who said you can’t have the best of both worlds!

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