Find a Wife, Find a Good Thing

Proverbs 18:22, “Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.”

We hear this verse quoted all the time. In fact, we quote it so much that we have become quite common with the very meaning and intention of it. Let us expound, through the Spirit of God, what this passage REALLY means.

The blessings and favor of the Lord comes upon the man as an endowment, a dowry if

you will, for possessing the stamina and the patience to SEEK his wife. This means that the favor of the Lord rains upon the man who is diligently LOOKING for the woman who has been impregnated by Holy Spirit, his Mary if you will, with the skills, resources, and talents he needs (help mate) to effectively administer and govern that which the Lord has entrusted to him. He realizes that this woman is to be more than a ‘looker’, she must be a woman of industry, hospitable, and sharing. She is to be a woman full of gifts, possess a heart of compassion, and not be afraid to share what she has or who she is with her husband. The blessing she is to him is what qualifies him for God’s favor. The Lord rewards this man for seeking after that which enables him to fully manifest the will of God for his life. The woman that she is, through the shaping and molding of the experiences of her life up until the time they marry, brings him blessings of favor.

The woman’s role in this, as a gracious partaker of her husband’s favor, is to remain hidden. The very same way that jewelers conceal their most expensive and rare pieces of jewelry from the general public, is the way the woman is to be concealed. The jeweler only displays said jewelry when there is a prospective buyer who SEEKS for jewelry beyond that which is encased in glass counters (on display). The meticulous buyer searches for what is not common and easily accessible to others because he wants uniqueness and because he has taste.

The hidden woman knows her value, her worth, and her potential. She knows she is a rare find. She knows she will bring her spouse blessings, happiness, and completion so she hides. She doesn’t hide in the aspect of being unseen, rather she holds herself still and maintains herself with dignity. She doesn’t bring attention to herself and she doesn’t distract. The hidden woman realizes that her future mate has a misery about him without her and is praying for God’s guidance (treasure map) to find her. She knows that the choice blessing of the Lord that her future mate needs is connected to her. His breakthrough is in her belly. She knows that he cannot father without her. He changes her name, but she changes his function. He can’t multiply without her. Knowing this, that he doesn’t qualify for the favor of the Lord, until he finds her, she hides.

Now, read this passage again because revelation has just given it a brand new meaning:

Prov. 18:22. “Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.”

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