God Sized Visions Will Stretch You

If you have a vision that you can realize on your own without anyone’s help, including God, your vision is too small. A God-sized vision is a vision that will stretch you, challenge you and mature you. 

A swollen belly is proof positive that a woman is indeed pregnant. Just as her waist line thickens and stretches, so should you when you are pregnant with vision. If God the Father has impregnated

you with vision, people will know it whether you tell them or not. They will see you in the press, they will see you striving, swelling, and thickening with purpose. They will see you frustrated, weary, wrestling, and overcoming. A God implanted vision speaks for itself by its fruit.

If you can do what God called you to do in your own power, intellect, and might, then what do you need Him for? And if you don’t need Him, He certainly didn’t father your vision. If you want to truly do great exploits in the name of the Lord, first get to know Him; and second, become intimate with Him and let Him stretch you.

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