Prophets, Face Your Challenges

A prophet must prophesy according to the measure of their faith. Therefore prophets face tremendous challenges in life ranging from illnesses, finances, to relationships and much more to thrust them to greater dimensions in faith. Every man has been given a measure of faith. That initial measure was sufficient enough to hear the preaching of the Word and accept Christ as Lord and personal Savior.

All believers are to build up their most holiest faith beyond that. And because prophets must prophesy according to the measure of their faith, great and intensive testing comes to facilitate a stronger faith.
The prophet’s confidence within his or her own ability must be completely relegated. God wants His prophets to fully and completely trust Him. He builds our faith to depend solely on His voice and to hear His heart. When our Father releases His heart for His children, we must obey what we have heard beyond what we see. The Lord asked Ezekiel, What do you see? As a prophet, we see through the eyes of God, bypassing our natural sense of sight. What you see through your eye is depressing, overwhelming, and discouraging, but when you perceive through His Eye, your faith begins to take on a stronger set of legs.

So I say to you, prophet, and to you, believer, that the challenges in your life are to propel you into greater dimensions of faith. The Lord wants your complete trust to be placed in Him and when you do that, possibilities for you become limitless and unimaginable. When you access a new dimension of faith, you have access to a new dimension of favor.

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