Bible Study

Q&A – Spiritual Experiences

How normal is it for one to have such a great desire to comprehend spiritual warfare and to live outside the fleshly body, walk with and speak to angels and to be able to participate in such activities with more than just faith but knowledge?

Truth is that I believe, my greatest desire now is to go past faith to experience.

Can God grant that?

You have asked a great question. It is possible to experience the supernatural, in fact, we are spirit beings first, then the body was created. Many saints of old have experienced the supernatural, Joshua, Moses, Ezekiel, Elijah, Peter, John, Paul, etc. There is nothing at all wrong with desiring to mature to the place where Enoch walked with God. It takes discipline, a true, pure, and holy walk before the Lord to access certain realms of the spirit. Some of those realms are granted on basis of prayer and supplication like Jacob, others are spiritual transportation provided for those whom God INVITES to higher realms. Paul was so caught up in the third heavens that it became impossible sometimes to separate the two. To answer your question, YES, the Lord does grant supernatural experiences. The closer you draw to Him and the more you crucify your life with Christ, these realms and dimensions become open to you. But remember this, the enemy has access to realms too. Remember he took Jesus to a high place and showed Him all the world in one view, so beware of counterfeit supernatural experiences. There is a huge difference between faith and foolishness and being spiritual versus a spiritist. I hope this has helped.

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