Breathe, Don’t Exhale

Breathe!! And I don’t mean, exhale, I mean BREATHE the Word of God over your stuff. The Bible says that God formed Adam and when He breathed into Adam’s nostrils, he became a living soul. May I suggest to you beloved friend that you have things that are formed but are not living because you failed to breathe? Instead of breathing many of us have been cursing our things. We lack patience thereforeĀ 

if we don’t see fruit within the next 36 hours, it ain’t God!! Can we knock off that nonsense and learn how to trust and believe in our God? Can we use the same spiritual DNA that moves within our very being right now to facilitate a change in our circumstances to the point that things will never be the same? Can we breathe? Can we perform supernatural CPR over that thing with a weak heartbeat that is not striving but barely surviving?

While you are waiting for the next great Magical and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, wonder performing prophet to come to our city, your stuff is dying!!! Use the seed of God that lies within you, activate your authority in Jesus name by actually using it with power and BREATHE on your own stuff! BREATHE!

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