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Church Finances: Consider Your Ways

Contrary to popular opinion, not every pastor or leader is abusing ministry finance. There are some who understand the proper use of Kingdom capital. They use funds to sow into other ministries, help the poor, purchase training manuals, books, CDs, DVDs, equipment, instruments, supplies, and other ministry necessities. They use funds to attend conferences, workshops, seminars, or meetings to upgrade their knowledge and understanding of ministry. They use funds for travel, to cover expenses for fuel, moderate hotels, dining, and other necessities. They use funds to minister to the financial needs of their home, within reason, and their families. When an ox is not muzzled, they are free to eat themselves and provide for themselves as a reward for their labor.

Not every pastor is buying a Mercedes Benz, a 10 bedroom house, expensive clothing, outrageous jewelry, a yacht, and a partridge in a pear tree. There are some truly, worthy laborers in the vineyard of God’s Kingdom who walk in integrity and are not hirelings. They truly love their flock whom God has given them oversight. They protect them from the enemy. They sound the alarm. They minister to the spiritual, emotional, physical, financial, mental, and developmental needs of those they serve. They are worthy of dinner at their favorite restaurant. They are worthy to invest in material to broaden their knowledge base to bring a better more comprehensible word to their people. They have paid the price. They have suffered that others may have hope. And many times their deeds have gone unnoticed or unfairly criticized.

Speaking as a pastor myself, it disturbs me when I hear or read how some feel about finances in the church. Don’t get me wrong, I know PERSONALLY some leaders who couldn’t give a flying flip about the people they were sent to serve, but they are in the MINORITY. Most pastors honor the work and are worthy of their hire but because a few hecklers have been exposed, other pastors feel the brunt of the people’s speculation. Give honor where honor is due and minister to the financial need of those who minister to your spiritual need. Don’t suffer as a thief.

People give $10 and want a full report of where it went but have no problem giving it to the mall or some other secular entity. I have never met anyone who challenged their local utility provider to find out what they did with the money. As long as they have their water and lights, they are fine. So my question is since the church has provided water and lights for you, what is your problem? Your church WATERS you with love, support, fellowship, the Word, and prayer. The ministering of the Word brings LIGHT. You can SEE your way out. You can SEE where the enemy’s seat is and are emPOWERed to cast him out. You got that knowledge from the pastor you are trying to muzzle. You got that revelation from your church, not the mall or your favorite restaurant.

Consider your ways. Instead of worrying about what the church is doing with the money, ask yourself, what are YOU doing with the money and how is that working for you? How does it feel to walk around with God’s money in your pocket? How does it feel to take what belongs in His house and keep it in your house? Since you want the church to justify what they do with the money, how are you going to justify what YOU did with your money? Where your treasure is that is where your heart will be. If you can’t trust the pastor with your money, why would you trust them to care for your soul? Is that not worth more than your $10?

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