Prophetic Dream: God’s Love for the Backslidden

I had a dream last night that I was ministering to a back-slidden young lady. I was encouraging her to return to the Lord and to do her first works over. As I stood talking with her, I noticed a volcano behind her. The more she resisted, the more the volcano began to erupt. I continued sharing with her how much the Lord loved her beyond her faults and issues and she still refused to return. I list

ened to her tell me about the hurts she experienced and why she did this and why she did that, but the more she spoke, I kept looking behind her to watch the volcano. She continue to speak about what she had been through and make excuses for her refusal to return. After awhile, the volcano came to a full eruption. But the thing is, as it erupted, a tower appeared right beside it. We all ran because the ground began to shake and the lava was flowing over hills and valleys coming in our direction. I grabbed as many as I could on my way in to bring them to safety, but when I looked for the young lady, she was gone.

I cried out to God for her and I asked Him to have mercy. I was running, grabbing children and pushing them into the building while crying and praying for this young lady. The Lord allowed me to heart her parents prayers for her so I repeated what I heard them pray concerning her (came into agreement) that our prayers would form a symphony for the Lord to hear.

Out of nowhere, the tower that appeared beside the volcano began to erupt. The top of the tower exploded and out of it came rushing waters. The water came out with such force and fury that it immediately quenched the erupted volcano and halted the flow of the molten lava. The waters followed the very stream of the lava and cooled it as a block of ice.

I stood in astonishment because everything had happened so fast that my mind could hardly comprehend it all. When I could gather my senses, I looked around for the young lady and I saw her walking toward me, safe and unharmed. When she could see who I was, she ran to me and said, Thank you for praying for me. I thought I was going to die but your prayers saved me. As I woke from my sleep, I could hear the Holy Spirit quoting the verse, WHEN THE ENEMY COMES IN, LIKE A FLOOD THE SPIRIT OF GOD WILL LIFT UP A STANDARD.

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