word of wisdom

Grow Up before You Blow Up

A trust fund is money set aside for a child in a banking institution until the child turns 18. Once the child turns 18 and can bring proper identification and documentation to that fact, they are allowed access to their money. The funds were theirs all along but they need to mature to a certain age before they could take possession of it.

It disturbs me sometimes when I feel as if the world’s systems are governed so well compared to what we see in some of our churches. I have seen people prophesy over one another about how great the other is and the next thing you know, titles are swinging. I can’t understand what the rush is. Why don’t we want to be discipled anymore? Why don’t we endure the process of being matured to do ministry before we run out to mishandle someone’s soul?

Jesus knew full well who He was. Even at age 12, His gift of teaching began to wake up in Him to the point where it drove Him to teach doctors and teachers of the Law. But His parents came for Him and brought Him back home because it was not His time for public ministry yet. Beyond that, at the wedding feast when Mary was ready for her son’s ministry to go public, Jesus was hesitant because He was mature enough to know that His time had not yet come.

God gives us leaders who help train and prepare us to use the gift in the proper context. Your gift will make room for you, but character and personality keeps you in that room. There are too many people eager to run footloose and fancy free because they discovered they had a gift and saw where they could profit from it. Many don’t want to submit that gift to their House of Worship, they have allowed pride to convince them that they are ready to do public ministry and will walk away from spiritual oversight to do that under the guise that the leaders are ‘hating on them’. While that may be true in some cases, that is certainly not the truth in all cases.

There is no shortage in the Body of Christ for gifted folk. We have folk that preach you under pews, sing you into a coma, play like angels, and dance like David. But when it’s all said and done, has that person matured to the point that they can stay in the room that the gift made for them? Here is the crisis we see in the Kingdom, people are here today and gone tomorrow because the gift blew them up but their character couldn’t keep them there.

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