Adam’s Rib and Adam’s Issues

Single women of God, your Adam is missing his rib. Take this time while he is being processed to strengthen who you are as a woman. Attend to those areas of your life where you know you are weak because before you know it, God is going to thrust this man into your life for you to complete his. Get before the Lord, your Creator, and ask Him to show you, you. Ask Him to reveal those things about you that may present problems in the relationship. Ask Him to heal you of past hurts, pains, and disappointments. Ask Him to sever evil soul ties to lovers of the past. Ask Him to teach you to teach your children to respect and accept your Adam. Ask Him to teach you to respect and accept your Adam’s children.

You will never know what your Adam is bringing to your life but wisdom wants you to prepare yourself right now. Don’t wait until he shows up on your job, on your door, at the ball game or at the auto parts store to help you repair your car to start the process. Begin now. The word of God declares that to the one who is faithful over the least becomes ruler over many. Being single is a least thing, but your faithfulness in your singleness paves the way to being elevated to companionship. Honor the Lord in this thing and He will honor you as well.”

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