Thorn in the Flesh

You and I both have a ‘thorn in the flesh’. Your thorn is much different than my thorn, but it’s a thorn, nonetheless. It seems that no matter how much we pray, fast, and entreat the Lord, He decides to allow some of our thorns to remain. Our thorns can be infirmity, relationship crises, finances, ministry crises, or job related issues. Whatever the thorn is, God is using it to keep you humble, draw you closer, develop your prayer life, or cultivate character in us. Believe me, whether you and I understand it or not, God has purpose for all He does. We may choose to agree or disagree but the ultimate decision to remove the thorn or allow it to remain, is His alone.

So in the words of our elder brother, Apostle Paul, I would have to say that God’s grace is made sufficient to see us through our thorns. For when we consider ourselves to be weak, His strength makes us strong.”

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