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Are We Good Fruit?

After nearly three and a half years of preaching, teaching, healing, delivering and raising, the Lord Jesus had to sow a seed on His own works that God would give the increase. The seed the Lord Jesus sowed was His own life. He had to plant Himself in the tomb of death that others may live. Before the Lord Jesus planted Himself, He placed a demand on the seed called, Greater Works. In other words, when the seed springs forth to bud after ITS KIND (the Jesus Kind), the fruit of that seed will be called Greater Works. You and I are fruit of the seed of Jesus’ life that He sowed to the grave. Jesus is good seed and we are expected to be quality fruit.

As followers of Christ, we are to emulate His character and imitate His life. Therefore, it is imperative that we also plant our lives in the grave that others may live. Husbands and wives must plant their own agenda in the grave that their marriage will live. Mothers and fathers have to plant selfishness in the grave that their children can live. Employees have to plant laziness in the grave that their households can function properly and so on.

The Father said that as long as the earth remains, seedtime and harvest will never end (Gen. 8:22). That means that if you aren’t willing sow a seed in the areas of your life needing multiplication or greatness, don’t expect anything in your life to bud, blossom, or spring forth. In fact, your life may be full of weeds.

Jesus wanted the whole world to pattern themselves after His life, therefore He paid the ultimate price and made the ultimate sacrifice. He sowed Himself. Jesus loved us that much to not consider His own life but give it as a ransom for us. Are you the fruit He was hoping for?

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