The Need for Prophet Nathan

Everybody needs a Nathan in their life to help them through their moments of mistakes. Nathan was a prophet to David and though his life could have been in danger for mishandling the king, his integrity AND the manner in which he approached David not only saved his life but spared David’s as well. He called David to the carpet on his scandalous rendezvous with Bathsheba, but he did not condemn David. He used the word to bring awareness to David’s sins and the Word convicted David drawing him to repentance. I personally believe God had mercy on David because of the way he responded to Nathan’s correction.

There is a way to deal with a person bound in sin that is not condescending. Making a person feel bad about what they have done is not helpful at all. If anything, condemnation will drive a person away. What is effective in restoring a person is showing them through the Word in the spirit of meekness a person’s error and leave them to face the Word with their situation. The Lord Himself will draw that person to Him through His Word and guide that person through the necessary steps of restoration.

One of my golden rules, is treat a person you want to be treated. If it were you caught in the devil’s trap, how would you want to be entreated? Would you want someone dragging you through the mud of your sins, telling you how awful and wicked you are or would you rather someone sit you down and talk to you like a human being? Anybody can dish it, but can you take it? Jesus looked at the crowd of spectators with stones in their hands ready to cave a woman’s skull in because of her sins, but when Jesus asked them about their sins, there was a space of silence and then the crowd thinned.

If your brother is overtaken in a fault, you, WHICH ARE SPIRITUAL, restore such a one in the spirit of meekness. Consider yourself, because you can also be tempted. Gal. 6:1

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