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Swallow Pride and Get Help

I was reading an article about a lady whose friend committed suicide. After her friend’s death, it was determined that she had a mental illness but was afraid to let others know. Society has made it taboo for anyone to come forth to ask for help when suffering a mental illness and millions of people are suffering silently as a result.

We make jokes about being bipolar, schizo, and acting retarded but to many, these issues are not laughing matters at all. People are depressed, confused, saddened, and overwhelmed and have no outlet to confess their feelings without being ridiculed or mocked. As a deliverance worker, I have been taught by Holy Spirit and seasoned and experienced teachers how to discern the symptoms or manifestations but not many people are willing to admit to their mental struggles and they don’t want others to know what their dealing with.

Life is imperfect. From the time you wake up til the time you go to bed, you are going to face all sorts of craziness that you have to cope with. And when your mind is already embattled and weakened by the lies of the enemy, it’s hard to rebound on your own. I sympathize with this lady for the loss of her friend, but how many more will depart this life before their time because they had no one to pick them up in the spirit?

People will be quick to tell you to just pray, but let me tell you, when your mind is messed up, sometimes you don’t even have the mind to pray, you just want relief. Get the help you need and don’t be ashamed because WE ALL HAVE ISSUES whether we choose to admit them or not.


When Emotions Become Demonic

Most of our feelings begin as just that, human feelings. There is a certain feeling you get when someone else receives the blessing before you, when someone marries before you, when someone is promoted before you, when someone’s home is larger than yours, when someone’s car is nicer than yours or when someone’s child is accepted at a better university than your child. You are HUMAN and certain feelings and reactions come with the territory of being a person.

How YOU REACT to these feelings are the determining factor. Do these feelings disturb you? Do they last longer than they should? Can you ‘shake’ them and move on? Do they control you? Do they govern your relationships and the way you entreat others? These are all questions you may need to ask yourself to evaluate when your human feelings have wandered into the demonic.

Luke 15:11-32 identifies a situation where human feelings were wandering into the demonic. The older son began to feel some kind of way toward his father and younger brother until the Father interrupted and provided a very sensible explanation. When the Father shed light (revelation) to the older son about what was taking place in the spirit realm and why the younger son was given reward, those intense feelings halted. Don’t ignore your feelings, they are very powerful demonstrations of the human emotion. But if they are allowed and ungoverned by Holy Spirit, a swift journey will ensue in the direction of a place called, Emotions Gone Wild; a place we all want to avoid.”


Stay True to Yourself

The downfall to so many relationships including marriages, extended family, church relationships, or friendships is that we expect from others what we are unwilling to give of ourselves. We are so selfish to keep our feelings reserved, yet we expect the other parties to open their hearts and hands to us. The sad thing about a fake relationship we must keep in mind is that it will never be real. And it behooves us to realize that a person can only mask themselves but for so long before truth exposes the lie.

What we are unwilling to share with others, ultimately becomes what someone is unwilling to share with us. That’s the law of reciprocity which is why in most cases, we get what we give. It’s time we treat people right, whether they deserve it or not. You are not doing it to stay true to them, you are doing it to stay true to you.


Trees with Poisonous Leaves

Trees are allowing the winds to blow poisonous leaves from its branches. The winds in your life are blowing poisonous and venomous people out of your life. How do you know whether a person is a poisonous leaf? Do they turn colors when God does new things in your life? Are they easily moved by the winds of change?

A person who is real with you will be real with you come winds, storms, hell, or high water. Who needs a fair weather friend? If a person can’t stick around for your ‘Fall’ season, you know good and well they won’t stick around for your winter either. If you can hold on and endure during this shaking, there is a coming a SPRING season when God will make all things new. But for now, keep your rake and your trash bag handy because you might need it.


Pain is a Tool of Truth

No one likes pain, in fact, most of us try to avoid it. But pain sometimes is essential to letting us know when things have gone wrong. Pain has a way to let us know when we need healing. For example if you are hurting each time your ex is mentioned, there is emotional healing which needs to take place. Pain is sometimes God’s tool of truth because some of us will lie to others and even convince ourselves that we are okay with a certain situation when we are not. God will set off a trigger with a person, place, or thing, and use pain to let us know that your heart is raw in that area and that we are in need of God’s healing balm but He won’t prescribe it until we recognize our need for it.


Our Lord is Faithful

Job could not understand what was happening to him. One moment all was well and the next moment seemed as if his worst nightmares came out of his dreams to become a reality. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. He lost just about everything in a matter of moments and what was almost as worse as his loss was his lack of understanding as to why. He didn’t know WHAT was happening and he didn’t
know WHY it was happening.

Have you ever experienced times like those when you cannot wrap your mind around what went wrong? Things seemed to be so well and then all of a sudden, BAM, it changes. You may scratch your head trying to find out WHAT happened and then you try to find the reason behind it all by asking WHY and even then the answers don’t seem to make sense at all.

Though you may not know the WHAT or the WHY of a matter, one thing you can bank on is that you know the One WHO can make all things right. The WHAT may not add up and the WHY is not making sense but when you add the WHO, things begin to turn around. For no matter WHAT you go through and WHY you are going through it, you know WHO will deliver you and bring you out. You know in WHOm you believe. You know WHOse report you will believe. You trust in He WHO is the lifter of your head. WHO is this King of Glory? The Lord, He is the King of Glory

Whenever you can’t find the WHAT or make sense of the WHY, as long as you know the WHO, everything will be alright. Rest confidently in the God WHO answers by fire and know that He WHOM began a good work in you is faithful to see it to the end.

Spiritual Warfare

The Testimony of Scars

The scars you have from your life battles are proof that you stepped into the ring to whoop on the devil. Your scar is proof that you entered the battle and won. The scar says, I’m a Survivor!

Anybody got any battle wounds? You can’t pray right until you’ve been scarred. You can’t sing right until you’ve been scarred. You can’t even act right until you’ve been scarred. You had to go through something and you paid the price for your oil. Your scar testifies that what couldn’t kill you made you stronger.”


Children Raised in Ministry

One of the many lessons I have taught my children (and are still teaching them) is to have compassion. I teach them to not rejoice over another’s downfall. When they hear of situations that have gone awry for their friends, they share it with me from a heart of compassion and a deep sense of caring. I have taught them how to care for people and for those who don’t care how much they care, to care enough to leave them alone.

When my children see an accident, they quiet themselves and pray for the well being of those involved. I teach them to not go through life looking for a handout but looking to be a handout. Although they are imperfect and do what I call ‘young and dumb stuff’, they know that they have parents who love them and a God who loves them above and beyond our love. They know how to reach Him. They know how to access Him for others. And although they have a priesthood covenant to serve in ministry, before they order the robe, print the ministry cards, and design the shining website, they know that they are expected to know the God they are called to represent which begins with cultivating a heart of compassion.

Being raised in church all of their lives, they have seen many things. They’ve seen people come and people go. They have heard all the grand testimonies. They’ve seen the power struggles and everything else that pertains to church politics but I have taught them how to guard their heart and maintain their own personal relationship with the Lord beyond what a person says or does.

I said all of that to say this, when you have a child in ministry, it’s important to minister to them too. Teach them the compassionate nature of Christ because the enemy has sought to fill our churches with things that drive many children to bitterness and resentment. And what we fail to realize in our selfishness as adults sometimes is that bitter and resentful children grow into bitter and resentful adults and we don’t want that now, do we?

spiritual symbolism

God, the Ultimate Remote Controller

In my home, we have remote controls everywhere. There is a remote for the television, the cable box, Internet TV, the DVD player, the stereo, and the front room’s BluRay Player. We use these controllers to power them on or off, adjust the volume, change channels, pause, fast forward, or rewind. Having these remotes makes television watching much more enjoyable because it provides so many options
at the press of a button.

Life is not so. We can’t use remote controls to turn situations off, we can’t change the channel of life that we are on, we can’t adjust what people say, and we can’t pause when circumstances arise. Life is full of series of experiences and mostly, what we go through is what prepares us for what we go to. We live and we learn. We bump our heads, our toes, and bruise our hearts. We hurt, we cry, we heal, and we hurt again. There are good days and there are not so good days. We win and we lose. We are full and we are empty. We embrace and we avoid. Life is like a rollercoaster.

Though we may never know what to expect from day to day, one thing we know for sure is that while we don’t have remote controls for our life, God is in ultimate control. Nothing escapes Him and nothing surprises Him. There are things He allows for our learning and equipping and then there are things that we bring on ourselves for being knucklehead human beings made of flesh. There are times when we can figure out where we are going and other times when we throw up our hands and let situations do what must be done.

When it’s all said and done, we serve a God who cares and holds the remotes for our lives. He knows when to pause, fast forward or rewind us. He knows when to empower us and when we need to be on stand by. And the greatest thing about it all is that His batteries never die!”

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Wax On, Wax Off

In the movie, The Karate Kid, a young man approached an older more seasoned gentleman to instruct him in the martial arts. The young man had his own methods of what he thought the training was but the older gentlemen, his nonchalant instructor, had ideas of his own. Instead of the younger man learning beginner moves, he was assigned menial tasks such as washing cars, (‘wax on, wax off’), and paint

ing wooden fences. The young man could not fathom why the older gentleman was assigning household chores to him when he was supposed to be training him in karate.

Finally, the young man reached his limit and blew his top. He was tired, frustrated, and very disturbed. He felt as if the older gentlemen mistook his request or perhaps took lightly to what he was asked to do. The young man felt used, humiliated, misunderstood, and taken advantage of and he decided to let the older man know how he was feeling.

To make a long story short, the young man did learn the art of Karate and went on to win a grand tournament. What he failed to realize is that while he was engaged in completing his ‘chores’, the older gentleman was teaching him discipline, stamina, and consistency, all of what he needed to mentally prepare him to be physically capable to defeat his opponent. The young man needed discipline far beyond mastering a karate kick.

Today, we have a generation of ‘young guns’ as my apostle calls them who have a strong desire to minister and perhaps even the call to accommodate it, but lack the discipline. Folk don’t want to sit in the pew for 2 minutes before they are focusing their attention on the pulpit or some other ‘high’ seat in the church. They have yet to master their attitude, their relationship with others, attendance, financial giving, or even their relationship with the Lord Jesus, but they are ready to run.

Discipline will take you farther in life than you can ever imagine. Jesus calls His students, disciples or students of discipline. If you are going to call yourself preaching God’s word to someone, get to know the God of the Word. I believe in seminaries, teach one myself, but at the end of the day, quoting and dissecting scripture and telling fabulous charismatic messages is one thing but learning the heart of God and His love for His people is yet another. As I look around the nation and our world, I see generations of people, young and old, who lack discipline. They carry the anointing but they can’t carry character. Spend time at Jesus’ feet that you have the Power to go forth, and not the just the call.