Dream of Emotional Handcuffs

Had a dream last night about a couple who were unable to cope with their emotions. In my dream, as we were passing the gate to exit the parking deck, two officers called for their vehicle to stop. They pulled the couple out of the car and commanded them on the ground where they arrested them. Then the officers approached our car. The female officer asked us a question. She asked, “Are you all happy? Do you know how to manage your emotions?” Once we said yes, she said, “I was going to handcuff you if you said no.”

The Lord was showing me through that dream that our emotions, if not checked and if not managed, could bound us up preventing us from moving forward. When we allow our feelings to get the best of us, they are actually handcuffing us from advancing in life.

The Bible says that the Joy of the Lord is our Strength. We need the Joy of the Lord to strengthen and keep us in all of our ways. Without it, we are subject to being resisted and maybe even hindered.

My prayer for you today is that you let go and let God. Learn to move forward and break through the chains of emotional bondage. It’s only for our good and for the good of those who love us to be free in our minds.


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