spiritual symbolism

God, the Ultimate Remote Controller

In my home, we have remote controls everywhere. There is a remote for the television, the cable box, Internet TV, the DVD player, the stereo, and the front room’s BluRay Player. We use these controllers to power them on or off, adjust the volume, change channels, pause, fast forward, or rewind. Having these remotes makes television watching much more enjoyable because it provides so many options
at the press of a button.

Life is not so. We can’t use remote controls to turn situations off, we can’t change the channel of life that we are on, we can’t adjust what people say, and we can’t pause when circumstances arise. Life is full of series of experiences and mostly, what we go through is what prepares us for what we go to. We live and we learn. We bump our heads, our toes, and bruise our hearts. We hurt, we cry, we heal, and we hurt again. There are good days and there are not so good days. We win and we lose. We are full and we are empty. We embrace and we avoid. Life is like a rollercoaster.

Though we may never know what to expect from day to day, one thing we know for sure is that while we don’t have remote controls for our life, God is in ultimate control. Nothing escapes Him and nothing surprises Him. There are things He allows for our learning and equipping and then there are things that we bring on ourselves for being knucklehead human beings made of flesh. There are times when we can figure out where we are going and other times when we throw up our hands and let situations do what must be done.

When it’s all said and done, we serve a God who cares and holds the remotes for our lives. He knows when to pause, fast forward or rewind us. He knows when to empower us and when we need to be on stand by. And the greatest thing about it all is that His batteries never die!”https://www.amazon.com/author/delisalindsey

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