Spiritual Warfare

How to Handle Depression and Keep on Kicking: Understanding the Process by Apostle Ivory L. Hopkins

How to Handle Depressing Warfare and Keep on Kicking: Understanding the Process

By Apostle Ivory L. Hopkins

Pull on God in prayer first

· Find a friend who you can talk to as a sounding board

· Limit how much you do work or ministry wise if you so can as not to spread your pain
· Have a few trusted intercessors pray for you.

· Leaders often don’t have a lot of people who will pray for them most want their anointed prayer not hear you have a problem

· Pull down crazy thoughts the enemy will send to the mind

· Remember the subtotal of your life is not what you’re going through

· Take time to get ministry, regroup yourself
· In all our lives there are people who want what they want from us you will have to slow that down and get revived or draining and burnout will consume you adding to depression.

· Next trials are common unto man so don’t by into the lie your always on fire that’s why we need each other.

· Last and most important something’s in life as just the way it is, so learn to live around it, through it or let it go if you have of you can.

Whenever you go through something set down and analyze it and you will learn a lot, here’s how to do that:

1. Check to see it it’s something you’ve done to cause the trial

2. Check you feeling according to the Fruit of The Spirit

3. Don’t let bitterness take a root

4. Realize you do not wrestle against fresh and blood

5. Examine your thoughts that will expose who and what is speaking to you, God, self or the enemy

6. Check rather you need to change or it’s in the hands of another person which you can’t change

7. Most people going through a rough time blames themselves for the actions of others

8. You can pray for other people but you can’t fix them

Hope this helps those who can be honest to admit their not always on fire, they need prayer and don’t have to fake religiously that everything is just wonderful. But you can say I Lord I am going through and get prayer without feeling guilty your human.

Father I pray for all leaders who are going through depressive situations and have to act as if everything is just fine, Father heal them in Jesus name and break every spirit that wants to isolate them and destroy them with spirits of depression.

Father I also ask that you direct them to someone they can set down and be transparent to admit the need help before the enemy takes them out. Open confession is good for the soul. I command every spirit setting their fall up to come out in Jesus name AMEN!

Written By: Apostle Ivory L. Hopkins

The General of Deliverance


Expand and Release

As much as you would like for everyone to receive you and appreciate you, understand this. Jesus was not received by everyone either. In fact, it was to the very ones to whom He was sent that rejected Him but He still maintained His own worth and identity in who He was as a gift to man.

You may have great things to offer others and folk may not see that right now but that does not deny the fact that God gave you to the earth as a gift from Him. Just because you are not accepted does mean you have to feel rejected. Like Jesus, you have to come to terms with the fact that not everyone can handle all of what you bring to the table. There are some who can only handle a teaspoon of you, others a tablespoon and some who may have the capacity for even more but you have to know that until you are able to fully release all that God has invested in you, there are still gifts in you that are locked.

Get to a place, where ever that is, to be able to expand and release the gift that God has placed in you. Don’t let people or places stifle you. Get to a place in God and stretch out.


Spiritual Warfare

The Plan to Sabotage Your Destiny

Anytime the enemy introduces doubt into you mind it’s because he is trying to sabotage a promise God has made to you. The devil knows that the Lord refuses to entertain the company of a double minded man, therefore if he can persuade you against what God has said for you, he has inadvertently robbed you of your place in the Lord’s presence.

When the devil whispered to Eve and caused her to doubt, the resulting curse was that she and Adam lost their place in Eden. Doubt is more than wondering and worrying, doubt is a wicked adversary of your promises. If doubt can ease its way into your thoughts, it pushes peace and confidence out of its way. Guard your mind and pay attention to what you are silently coming into agreement with. The enemy has only to trip you up one time to gain advantage over you but I declare your mind is renewed with Christ. And may the helmet of salvation be securely fastened everyday to quench the fiery darts of the wicked against your mind.



The Heat is Applied that You will Blaze Brighter

Many of you have been wondering why the tests have been so extreme and intense but you forgot about the times when you were in the throes of worship and belted out the lyrics of a song telling the Lord to use you. You asked the Lord to use you for His glory and He has accepted your request. That which you are going through right now is indicative of the fact that God has decided to use you because He has allowed the fires of testing to come.

Here is what happened, when you asked the Lord to use you, He readily agreed. Then He turned up the heat in your life so that He could polish you really well. What you may have failed to realize is that our God prefers to use brazen vessels and a brazen vessel is that which has been finely polished in the fire. The more heat the Lord applies, the brighter the shine!

The hour in the Kingdom is coming when the Lord will use His brightest and most shiniest vessels to perform His word.. He will use these vessels to demonstrate His glory in every region of the earth. Your test may be preparing you for some of God’s greatest moments among mankind. Instead of complaining, count it a joy that He has chosen you for such a time as this.



My New Book, Prophets With An Apparent Reason coming soon

There is a generation of prophets who have been soaking and marinating in Kingdom principles as it pertains to the prophetic. These archers will bring Heaven down to earth as the knowledge of the word of the Lord pours from them like honey. Their words will sit on you like the morning dew and won’t move until the SON absorbs them back to Himself. They will release a sweetness in the spirit realm that draws the presence of God like you have never seen before. They wll displace the old order and will prophesy the ‘hell’ out of your life. These battle axe prophets will emerge mantled with a spiritual vest soaking with deliverance oil…
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