Prophecy, purpose

Tried in the Furnace of Affliction

Gold must be tried in the fire. The precious metal that men clamor for and seek after has to endure an intense heating process before it’s worth can be determined. Only God knows which among us are able to endure the fiery furnace of afflictions and not be totally consumed in the process. We are to glory or rejoice in our afflictions for in doing so we learn the art of endurance.

As I sat in silence today to hear My Father’s heart as it pertains a certain matter, He led me to Rev. 21:18, 21 where the beloved apostle John received a profound revelation of God’s need for pure gold. As I opened my heart to my Father, He opened my understanding and He revealed these words:

Daughter, I have to try you, test you, and afflict you in the furnace for only then can you be vetted as a glorious part of Kingdom Infrastructure. As Master Engineer, I choose only pure gold to build highways within the Kingdom. I seek for those who can carry heavy weight and in whom I can trust to transport My people to their destiny without pothole casualties. Therefore you will feel run over sometimes. There will be seasons when a heavy duty truck is parked on the top of you because I have to test your capacity to hold weight. Understand that I will only use the best and highest quality material for My Streets and after you have paved the way for them to discover their purpose in Me, then as the Wise Masterbuilder, I will use you to build My City which is only crafted by those whom I have declared as PURE GOLD.

Let me encourage those of you who like myself, are being processed in the furnace. God’s hand is upon your life and although the affliction may appear too harsh to bear, you have a FOURTH man in the furnace with you. People may not understand it and may never comprehend it but God is vetting you for Kingdom Infrastructure. You are going through so that others can get to their place of destiny. Heaven has deemed you as Building Material in the Kingdom. You will be highways, walls, and measuring rods. The Father revealed to me that our purpose is greater than we could have ever realized. Jesus came as a Carpenter and He has chosen us as His Building Materials because God builds with Pure Gold. Amen.

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