God Didn’t Change His Mind

God Didn’t Change His Mind

Understand this; just because the enemy perverted it does not mean God changed it. That goes for anything. All of what God has called, Good, the enemy has perverted it and made it out to be something it is not. You have to know when God is speaking, what He is telling you to do, and look for the open door to get it done. The enemy is going to fight against your mind about it because that’s what he does, but that still does not release you from your obligation to obey your God. From music, marriage, sex, money, and the church, the enemy has tried to twist and distort it so you wouldn’t recognize his lie from the truth. But I declare today your eyes to be open to the truth and that you will no longer wander through life with your eyes WIDE SHUT. It’s time to grow up in the Kingdom and be men and women of strong and uncompromised faith in the Word of God.


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