church life

God Loves Cheerful Givers

God loves cheerful givers because they remind Him of His very own heart and nature. In my personal life, I have seen the Hand of God move in ways I would have never imagined because of my heart to give. I found out that the more you give, the more He gives to you is not just a cliche, it’s a revelation. God can trust a giver to release what he has and not hoard it to themselves based on what they have done with what He has already given them. What you do with what you have is a determining factor of what you will do with what you get. God sees these things afar off and He watches our movements. As I arose this morning from my sleep, I heard two things, one of which I will reveal much later but the other was a word from the Lord concerning my own life by the word, ‘pour’.

The Lord said, I delight in pouring into those who delight in pouring into others. Daughter, I have not only poured into you but I am pouring into you for your giving has provoked me into placing you in a seat in the spirit where your mouth and ear is uniquely aligned with My voice, heart, and mind. You have accumulated a vast amount of Kingdom stock based upon the heavy investments you have already made as a Kingdom financier. And because you have proven your zeal and love for giving, you have found a place of drawing and receiving in Me that only cheerful givers can find.

I urge you to reconsider your thinking in terms of giving. Financially is just one aspect (which most of us could do a whole lot better in) but there are always opportunities for us to give if we would only open our hearts to them. There has always been special anointings released upon those who were givers. I challenge you to tap into the glory realm of giving and experience the supernatural.

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