Tell the Truth

Sometimes you just have to sit certain ones down and tell the them truth. It’s going to hurt you and them. It may make them cry and you may feel very uncomfortable about the subject, but tell them the truth. They may resent you for a moment. They may even disagree, but at the end of the day if you are the voice of truth in a person’s life, you do more harm than good when you refrain from telling them the truth. 

Truth does not have to be liked, but it must be respected. And anyone that you love deserves to know what the truth is. And for those who still won’t listen, know for a certain that you have done your part and it’s up to God to do the rest if He so chooses. But keep your hands and heart clean and tell the truth.

The Prayer of Gladness According to Psalms 100

Lord, you created joy and joy I will have. It is the healing power, to be glad always in every circumstance. I will not go by the outside of trials that want to tell me that it’s impossible to find gladness among the shadows of cold nights I find myself alone and You seem to be a thousand light years away. 

When in truth you are near to me and as near as the sun that shines upon my face each morning. How it reminds me that your faithful and that you will be in the raindrops on winter seasons as well. Thank you for your gift of gladness that you put in my heart! – Willie Baldazo


What Does It Cost?

If your relationship with the Lord didn’t cost you anything, then it’s not worth anything.

Matt. 19:21, “Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

To follow Christ, you are going to have to die, give, and die some more. This way is a sacrificing way, it’s a giving way, and it’s a forgiving way. There are some people, places, and things you will have to walk away from to walk into who God has called you to be. Don’t fool yourself, it’s available to everyone, but not everyone is willing to take up the Cross. God is not impressed with a shout, rather show Him that you can walk out your shout in the valley of the shadow of death. Can you stand and declare unto Him that the assignments He has given you are finished, or did you cut and run and leave it for someone else to finish? Where the finishers at?



Driven Out of the Lord’s Presence

This may be a hard saying but Nebuchadnezzar lifted up himself like he was some great thing and the Lord responded. Heaven doesn’t sleep, it will respond to the deeds of man. Nebuchadnezzar forgot who God was. We need to learn that just because God is quiet, doesn’t mean He is deaf. He is not going to keep repeating Himself like a parrot when He knows you heard Him clearly the first time. Heaven responded to his foolishness and drove him to a place of crazy where he sprouted nails and claws and ate grass like a cow.

Daniel 5:21, “He was chased away from people, and his mind was changed into an animal’s mind. He lived with wild donkeys, ate grass like cattle, and his body became wet with dew from the sky. This happened until he realized that the Most High God has power over human kingdoms. God puts whomever he wishes in charge of them.”

The Spirit of God will not strive with man forever (Gen. 6:3). When the Lord sends His prophets with a word of correction, it’s in your best interest to hearken. You don’t have to like them, you don’t even have to agree, but it would behoove you to listen. There are too many still claiming the name of the Lord and are reprobate concerning the truth. The Lord has driven them out of His presence and have turned their minds over to that of animals to teach them that He is God and that He won’t share His glory with another.


spiritual symbolism

How Soon Do We Forget?

How soon do we forget the prayers God has answered for us?

I need a job Lord! Done.
I need a car Lord! Done.
I need a mate Lord! Done.
I want a child Lord! Done.
I need a church home Lord! Done.
I need Godly leaders Lord! Done.
I need food Lord! Done.
I need a place to stay Lord! Done.
I need this bill paid Lord! Done.
I need healing Lord! Done.

But what about what He requires of us? He has been faithful on His end. How’s yours holding up?

I need you to forgive child! ;(
I need you to love child! -_-
I need you to be in church child! ;P
I need your faithfulness in giving child! ;{
I need you to obey your leaders child! -_-
I need you to pray child! :0
I need you to train your household child! ;(
I need you to use the talents I gave you child! :'{

2 Corinthians 13:5 ABPE, “Examine your souls, whether you stand in the faith. Tend to your souls, or are you not aware that Yeshua The Messiah is in you, and that if not, you are worthless?”


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Which Type of Book is Your Life Writing?

Let me prophetically challenge you. If your prayers, expeditions in the Kingdom, spiritual experiences and completed assignments in the Lord were Books on the library shelves of Heaven, which types of books would they be?

Would they be leaflets, pamphlets, brochures, picture books, a post card, business card, or a flyer? Or would they chronicle the life and experience in whom Heaven is genuinely interested in hearing from? Would your book of exploits be on Heaven’s Best Seller list? Would it be a novel, set of encyclopedias with dates and detailed historical information, or a series of Books. Would they be in volumes? Would the pages be torn, ragged, and worn from the Angels of God excitedly looking for their names as they assisted you in spiritual warfare? Would God the Father, like King Ahaseurus, send for your books when He is resting and looking for amusing literature? Or would the Kingdom Court jesters use your book for entertainment purposes only?

I am being facetious and provoking you to think about what Heaven thinks about you? Would you bore the librarians of Heaven and put them to sleep when they attempt to read about you, or would they request additional copies that they sit, read and discuss your life together? Things that make you go, hmmmmm! What DOES Heaven think about me?



Praying Psalms 136

God’s Steadfast Love – Psalm 136

You have given me purpose for living,
For Your steadfast love endures forever.


You have forgiven my sin and renewed me in Your love,
For Your steadfast love endures forever.
You have surrounded me with loving family and friends,
For Your steadfast love endures forever.
You have called me to a wonderful church,
For Your steadfast love endures forever.
You have graced me with wise counselors,
For Your steadfast love endures forever.
You have reached out to me when I have been discouraged,
For Your steadfast love endures forever.
You have blessed me with good health and great adventures,
For Your steadfast love endures forever.
You have drawn me closer to Yourself, helping me to walk with You each day,
For Your steadfast love endures forever.
And so much more . . . ,
For Your steadfast love endures forever.


How I give You thanks, O God of Heaven,
For Your steadfast love endures forever.
-Mark D. Roberts



Adjust Your Settings and Control Your Suggestions

On Netflix, you have the option of rating a show you’ve watched to give the system an idea of which type of movie to suggest to you in the future. The enemy is like that too. We give certain activities in our life ratings. And based on which rating or how much interest we have in a thing, he makes suggestions based on those preferences.

So think about it? How long did it take for you to stop gazing at that married man? How long did it take for you to forgive your coworker? How easy was it for you to spend your offering in the mall on those new pair of Jordans? What are your ratings? What are you interested in, because that is PRECISELY what the enemy will use to MAKE SUGGESTIONS to you when you are searching for something. Because he can’t predict your future, he will use your past to suggest what you might want in the present. Now might be a good time to ADJUST your ratings. IJS!



Definition of a Real Woman

A Woman’s Work is Never Done

The definition of a woman needs to be clearly defined. A woman is not so based on her bend or her flip. Not even is her definition based upon her nails or hair. But a real woman understands the purpose of the womb, not just to birth babies, but to birth community. She is a true nurturer who cares more about others than herself. She is a self starter, hard worker, confident, and resilient. The same way her womb stretches and returns to it regular size when the assignment is done is the treasure of the woman. She can handle whatever is thrown at her and never lose the original content of her character. You give her a house, she makes a home. You give her children, she builds society. Give her flour, she will give you bread. She is a woman, satan’s arch enemy because she brings forth life from the seed just like the earth in which she lives. She is a life giver. She is a woman and her works speak for her.