He Restores My Soul

The Lord has revealed that anytime He is leading you beside still waters, it’s because He wants to refresh and restore your soul. All of us at one point or another in life have been fragmented. There are bits and pieces of us everywhere. Fragments of us are left with previous jobs, former friends, past relationships, or any other type of relationship where people don’t want to let you go after you have moved on. But I am hearing the Lord say that He is gathering the fragments and is bringing wholeness and stability to our lives.

He showed me a vision where Jesus fed the multitudes with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. I saw that Jesus was so careful not to leave anything scattered, but He commanded the disciples to GATHER the fragments in a basket. The Lord never leaves anything undone. He finishes His assignments and cleans up after Himself. He is not messy at all, neither is He careless.

My friend, when you walk away from a matter or the matter walks away from you, be careful to gather the fragments. Don’t leave pieces of you where you have been. Don’t leave ‘bread crumbs’ for the past to follow you into your future. Clean it up. Get into the still place of God and let Him show you where the fragments are and ask Holy Spirit to help you gather them.

This is a season where God is making you whole, complete and total in Him. You will no longer be broken, scattered, and divided within yourself if you will allow the Lord to walk you down to the still waters. Let the restoration of our souls begin and let it begin with me.

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