word of wisdom

When Discipline Brings Favor

As an oldest child, I think I received more discipline than my other siblings because I carried more responsibility and was expected to have more integrity. I never understood why mother came down so hard as she did. I knew she loved me very much but I couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t grant me a pass sometimes to get out trouble. I look back now and I am so grateful for each and every time she disciplined me because she taught me respect for authority. The Lord has swung doors open so wide for me that I now have to find time to enter therein.

My personal life has been showered with favor from God because I submitted to my mother’s discipline. I was able to interact with others properly, was able to maintain on my jobs, was able to befriend others with lasting friendships, and I was able to make wise decisions in life.

Chastening is not joyous as the Bible declares but many of God’s children and our natural children NEED it! We have become spoiled and homegrown as Isaiah once said about Israel. We can’t reason with others. We don’t know how to say sorry. We’ve allowed bitterness to cloud our judgment and color our views. We’re unhappy as a people because we are trying to cross over on burnt bridges. Sometimes our nonsense builds a wall that we are too prideful to tear down because we are trying to be ‘hard’. But momma always says, A hard heard makes a soft behind. It’s a cliche, but it’s real.

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