Adjust Your Settings and Control Your Suggestions

On Netflix, you have the option of rating a show you’ve watched to give the system an idea of which type of movie to suggest to you in the future. The enemy is like that too. We give certain activities in our life ratings. And based on which rating or how much interest we have in a thing, he makes suggestions based on those preferences.

So think about it? How long did it take for you to stop gazing at that married man? How long did it take for you to forgive your coworker? How easy was it for you to spend your offering in the mall on those new pair of Jordans? What are your ratings? What are you interested in, because that is PRECISELY what the enemy will use to MAKE SUGGESTIONS to you when you are searching for something. Because he can’t predict your future, he will use your past to suggest what you might want in the present. Now might be a good time to ADJUST your ratings. IJS!


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