Definition of a Real Woman

A Woman’s Work is Never Done

The definition of a woman needs to be clearly defined. A woman is not so based on her bend or her flip. Not even is her definition based upon her nails or hair. But a real woman understands the purpose of the womb, not just to birth babies, but to birth community. She is a true nurturer who cares more about others than herself. She is a self starter, hard worker, confident, and resilient. The same way her womb stretches and returns to it regular size when the assignment is done is the treasure of the woman. She can handle whatever is thrown at her and never lose the original content of her character. You give her a house, she makes a home. You give her children, she builds society. Give her flour, she will give you bread. She is a woman, satan’s arch enemy because she brings forth life from the seed just like the earth in which she lives. She is a life giver. She is a woman and her works speak for her.

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