Misunderstanding the Man’s Role

Months ago, I was pondering something in my spirit. I asked the Lord a question because I have an inquiring mind and I learn by asking questions. I won’t disclose my question but the answer which nearly sent me running out of my room is this. The Lord said He created women to be receivers. He said I did not form woman with a penis. In other words, when a man sees that a woman has all she needs and that there is nothing he can offer her, he will move on the woman who is postured to receive.

One of the major problems for the next generation of single women (among many) is the misunderstanding of the man’s role in her life. The Lord said, Besides political favors, the only other reason Ahab married Jezebel, a strong willed and dominant woman, is because she had the guts to get him what he wanted without him having to lift his finger to do it. Jezebel used Ahab and Ahab used Jezebel. Even so, this will be the sad case for many who will engage in relationships and be used because they have refused to submit their iron will for God’s. I know that’s unpopular but I promise you, it’s truth. You cannot do things your way and force God’s hand of approval on it. God’s Word will never change for us, we must change to His Word.

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