spiritual symbolism

Which Type of Book is Your Life Writing?

Let me prophetically challenge you. If your prayers, expeditions in the Kingdom, spiritual experiences and completed assignments in the Lord were Books on the library shelves of Heaven, which types of books would they be?

Would they be leaflets, pamphlets, brochures, picture books, a post card, business card, or a flyer? Or would they chronicle the life and experience in whom Heaven is genuinely interested in hearing from? Would your book of exploits be on Heaven’s Best Seller list? Would it be a novel, set of encyclopedias with dates and detailed historical information, or a series of Books. Would they be in volumes? Would the pages be torn, ragged, and worn from the Angels of God excitedly looking for their names as they assisted you in spiritual warfare? Would God the Father, like King Ahaseurus, send for your books when He is resting and looking for amusing literature? Or would the Kingdom Court jesters use your book for entertainment purposes only?

I am being facetious and provoking you to think about what Heaven thinks about you? Would you bore the librarians of Heaven and put them to sleep when they attempt to read about you, or would they request additional copies that they sit, read and discuss your life together? Things that make you go, hmmmmm! What DOES Heaven think about me?


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