The Prophets Gather You to Safety

Prophets love to gather the people of God into a place of safety. For example, Moses gathered the people at the mouth of the Red Sea. Joseph gathered the people to his feeding center. And the Master Prophet, Jesus, attempted to gather the people to Himself, as a brooding hen. It is the nature of the prophet to protect what is in God’s best interest. Therefore when they bring warning of a thing, it is to avail you the opportunity to seek the place of rest until the storm passes over even as Noah did.

It’s up to the people to have ears to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying because you can miss it by being carnal. But keep your ears peeled to what Holy Spirit is speaking because He releases strategy to overcome EVERY battle you will ever have to fight. Success is guaranteed to be yours, but you must cultivate ears to hear what He is saying.


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