Intercessor Prayer Points

1. Government
Upcoming elections 
That corruption will be revealed and come to an end.
That our Governmental Leaders will realize that they will answer to God and that they need His counsel.
2. Education
Enough schools for all children
Competent teachers
Against Gun Violence, Gang Formation, and Bullying
3. Church 
Dedicated Pastors with a Kingdom mindset
That the Church will take it’s rightful place in society to express Biblical and Kingdom principals and morals, which will reflect the TRUTH ABOUT JESUS CHRIST
Return for all Backsliders
The return of Reverent Fear in God’s Houses
Thunderous Worship across the land beginning with the Pulpit
4. Family
That Americans will truly know and understand the Biblical Definition for marriages, that of a man and women covenanted in holy matrimony. 
Decline in divorce rate.
That children will experience love and care in their families.
 Wisdom for Blended Families
5. Arts & Culture
That Biblical ethics will be portrayed through arts & culture to the Glory of Jesus Christ.
Increase of Biblical and moral movies to be released 
Musicians and Singers with Integrity and full of Holy Spirit
6. Media
That the Media in our nation will no longer be used to influence this nation for the benefit of the kingdom of darkness, but that it will pioneer Godly principals.
Bring integrity back to television programming.
Shield children from New Age undertones in cartoons, books, and movies.
7. Science & Technology
All Scientists is the US will come to know Christ.
Let the Power of Christ rule over all medical laboratories and hospitals.
8. Economy & Businesses
That the US will truly come to realize that the earth belongs to the Lord and all that is in it, and to steward it accordingly.
Give men and women a mind to work and be industrious and successful contributors to society.
-inspired from Namibian House of Prayer

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