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Break Up the Fallow Ground

A hard hearted person is closed to instruction, suggestions, constructive criticism, and feedback. They are resistant to change and pessimistic, seeing life only through their set of eyes. They cannot enjoy life and can make it difficult for others to enjoy theirs. They will make side remarks, condescending comments, and will look down on others, while propping themselves up as some great one.

Hard hearted people live hard lives. They aren’t very friendly, forgiving, or supportive unless there is a vested interest. They are usually loners not out of choice but because others may find it difficult to associate with them.

The Bible says that fallow ground must be broken up or tilled. A mere ‘you have to do better’ message is not enough for a person with a hardened heart. It would even be a miracle to hold such a conversation because you may barely get a word in edgewise if you are even able to finish the discussion at all. God has to till that heart. He has to lay the Blades to that hardened soil and rip it up. He rips in trials and tribulations because these are those things which brings a haughty person to their knees. These are they which brings them before Him with a ready ear.

You probably know someone right now whose heart is hardened. A hardened heart is usually the result of years of discouragement, disappointment, resentment, bitterness, and unforgiveness to say the least. Just like the ground outside, it takes a while for a heart to harden but once it does, it is set.

My prayer today is for those with hardened hearts, those who despise counsel and instruction or even feel that they don’t need it. Anytime a person resists counsel, the Bible calls them fools. I pray for a ‘breaking up’ experience to occur in their lives that the Father will set His blade to the depth of where the hardness is and till. I pray they learn to appreciate those whom the Father has placed in their lives as hoes, axes, rakes, and shovels to keep their hearts pliable. I pray for hearts of compassion, forgiveness, understanding, and gentleness. I pray for hearts like Jesus.

Father, You spoke to me saying, “Woe to the man who has ascended so high within himself that he can no longer be reached. And blessed be the man who remains low that he is reachable, teachable, and approachable.”

Father, I thank You for the hoes, rakes, and shovels in my life. Thank You for keeping my heart tender to Your voice through them. Thank You for a heart of compassion.

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Choose Your Battles Carefully

Holy Spirit took me to in the Holy Scriptures this morning in 1 Samuel 29-30. At first, I didn’t catch what He was saying so I re-read it. My Father began to speak saying, “Some of my people have teamed up to do battle with others when they have a battle brewing on the home-front that is going to catch them unawares. Choose your wars. Know which wars you were assigned to and don’t just sign up because your best friend is in trouble. Each person has their own battle to fight and while there will be times when you should combine forces, that is not always the case. There are many who have jumped themselves into someone else’s war and have not considered what is happening in their own home.

Consider this. If David had gone to battle with the Philistines and not been turned back by Achish, he might not have ever seen his family again. Those around him would have discredited him sorely and even his ascending to the Throne would have been stained with scandal. Sometimes the Lord will turn you around, if you are willing to discern what He is trying to show you,to save your own house. David was turned around from fighting someone else’s battle and while he was still ‘turning in his mind’ the enemy had already hit his house.

Be careful saints. You had better know when to jump on someone’s side to help them and when you need to reserve your strength for your own fight THAT YOUR FRIEND CAN NOT HELP YOU WIN.

With some people, you have to pray for them and let them go through. Don’t be so quick to ‘lay your hand’ to anything. Sweep around your own front door. I submit to Holy Spirit and when He tells me something, I listen. Hands off in Jesus name, sometimes you have keep them in your pocket.

1 Samuel 29:7, “So turn and leave in peace.” NET Bible

1 Samuel 29:8, “1 Samuel 29:8 “But what have I done?” asked David. “What have you found against your servant from the day I came to you until now? Why can’t I go and fight against the enemies of my lord the king?” NIV

1 Samuel 30:3, “When David and his men arrived at the town, they found it burned down. Their wives, sons, and daughters had been kidnapped.” HCSB

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Missed Seasons of Promotion

For some reason, Holy Spirit took me through several passages in the Holy Scriptures this morning as I awoke. I knew He was showing me something vital which was occurring in the spirit realm. One of the things He showed me was the passage concerning foolish virgins. He began to speak to me that some have missed their season of blessings because they underestimated what God had told them to do in the previous season. What’s makes them foolish is the fact that they will look at YOU with contempt because you sowed in wisdom. You hearkened to the voice of the Lord. You were obedient. You remained faithful. You endured. You gave even when it hurt. You went the extra mile for others, not even considering yourself. You suffered for righteousness sake and now doors are swinging open for you. It’s your time.

The Lord is saying, Don’t apologize for the positions I have placed you in because you walked worthy of it. While the fools were playing around with their season, you embraced yours and now it’s time to show off your fruit. You will not be very popular in this season but that does NOT mean that you are not TRULY blessed!

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Cloud by Day, Fire by Night

Many of us are so happy sometimes to be delivered from a thing (or person) that we jump from the frying pan into the fire. Then when we end up worse than we were in the beginning, we are crying out for God to help us. When God delivered Israel from Egypt, He appeared before them as Pillars. He was a pillar of clouds during the day and Fire by night to show them where to go.

If God is delivering you from something, make sure you know where He is delivering you to. He’s is not calling you to be vagabond, just wandering around aimlessly because He is a God of purpose and strategy. He has someplace for you to be. Find your cloud and your pillar of fire and follow it to your next destination.

Exodus 13:21, “The LORD went ahead of them. He guided them during the day with a pillar of cloud, and he provided light at night with a pillar of fire. This allowed them to travel by day or by night.” NLT

God wants His people established. And even if your destination is the wilderness, there is a particular wilderness that He sends to you. You won’t find it by aimlessly wandering, you will find it by following Him consistently.

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Rebellion Causes Beauty to Turn Hideous

Earlier this evening (Friday) I felt the atmosphere becoming quite ominous. I settled my spirit and the Lord revealed to me that I was being watched in the spirit realm. I took authority over evil observers and quieted my spirit to see what would happen next. All of a sudden my entire body began to ache with incredible pain to the point that I was nearly incapacitated. I was returning a call to one my mentees and she immediately begin to pick up something in the atmosphere and began to pray. As she prayed, Holy Spirit said, watch out for the witches. At that point, still weak in the body, I set my inner man on watch.

My husband and my daughter kept their eyes on me and told me to lie down and get some rest. I did that but when I awoke, I could feel the atmosphere was still disturbed. My husband took the family out for a movie and I started to remain at home but regardless to how I was feeling, I felt prompted to go.

Lo and behold, as the movie began, a beautiful young woman was being portrayed as a potential love interest for this particular young man. When he refused her advances or so she thought, this beautiful young woman turned into a hideous creature with one motive which was to destroy her former love interest through sorcery. I could have fallen face down on the floor. Here the Lord was showing me precisely what was taking place in the spirit realm by using the foolishness of a movie.

The Lord revealed to me that there are people who will love the ground you walk on as long as all is yes and amen. But the moment you disagree with them or bring correction in an area they don’t want you to touch, their countenance changes toward you. The Lord showed me just how quick a friend can turn into an enemy. Further, it can be the ones closest to you that does you the most harm because they have become common with you and can take you for granted.

All I could do was to remain prayerful and lift the situation in prayer because God shows His mercy to the merciful. But when Holy Spirit shines light in dark places, you may be completely surprised at what you see. Even through that, guard your spirit against any darkness that may try to enter your own soul because Light overpowers the darkness any day, all day. And God will always deliver His elect.

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Ask God For a Forgiving Spirit

Holding grudges against a person who has done you wrong doesn’t benefit you nor them. Half of the time, the people you are angry with either doesn’t know or don’t care, so to hold them hostage in your heart is a complete waste of time and emotion.

If you are holding a grudge against someone, ask the Lord to remove your unforgiving spirit, forgive you, and teach you how to forgive others. You have so much in life to live for than to re-live what someone has done to you. Use that hurtful experience to bring out the best in you. Don’t get bitter about it, get better about it.

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Suffering for Righteousness’ Sake? You Are Not Alone

1 Peter 5:9 NLT, ” Remember that your Christian brothers and sisters all over the world are going through the same kind of suffering you are.”

Whatever you are going through, you can take comfort in knowing that you are not the only one. Your brothers and sisters in the faith around the world are going through very similar circumstances to yours. Your brothers and sisters are somewhere across the land fighting for their marriage, their health, their children, their job, their ministry, their reputation, or their peace of mind. You are not alone and you are not the only one.

Elijah felt so alone and abandoned because he could only see himself as the one running away from Jezebel. He felt as if she had killed all of other prophets and only he remained alive. The Lord assured him that He has hundreds of prophets who have not bowed their knees to Baal.

Let me encourage you, for as many as have given up and thrown in the towel, there are multitudes more who have not. Somebody somewhere is fighting with every stitch of faith they have and are determined to see the work of God to the end. You may get weary and you may lose nights of sleep tussling and wrestling in the spirit but remember this, God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers. Ask David. It’s going to be alright. Keep your hammer in one hand and your SWORD in your other hand! Keep building solder, Kingdom advancing on God’s mind. (and this was to me first!)

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Are You A Force Fitted Drawer in the Dresser of the Lord?

Have you ever had a drawer in your dresser that was off track? No matter how you would try to shut that drawer it just won’t set perfectly within the dresser. And even when you try to force it in, it makes a weird noise while it tries to fit awkwardly within the dresser. That drawer won’t fit flush with the dresser and it will stand out among the other drawers. Well that is how you and I appear in the spirit realm when we try to ‘get in’ where we don’t ‘fit in’.

We stand out like a sore thumb. We may be that misplaced drawer in the dresser that looks like all the others but just don’t fit in. We can force ourselves, wiggle ourselves, and shove ourselves in all we want to but what we end up doing is making noise and not a ‘sound’ because we don’t fit. Further, we can actually end up doing damage to our ownselves because a forced dresser has bent tracks. And if you force fit it long enough, it takes a professional to replace the bent tracks that it will fit along its intended grooves.

Is that you? Are you the drawer (Container or Vessel) that is being force fitted? Are you being shoved into place or do you glide in with relative ease? Are you releasing noise (caused by painful fittings) or are you releasing sound? Do you fit flush with the dresser (unit) or are you awkwardly settled? Thank God that Jesus is a Carpenter who knows how to FIT US IN. He knows how to replace our worn out and damaged tracks. He causes us to glide into place unrestricted. He fits us flush with the Body that we are perfectly fitted. Jesus repairs awkward drawers. Aren’t you glad about that? I know I am.

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God’s Promises Deliver

Every promise God made to you has to be tested. He has to know if you would serve IT more than Him. He has to know that He is the source of your laughter and not your Isaac. The promises of God will be tested in your life to determine if you can handle what’s coming to you. But here is the thing to remember, even if you fail the test like David and Peter did, that does not necessarily disqualify you from receiving your promises. Sometimes a failure is just what you need to cause you to recognize your human frailty and your God dependency.
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To Understand Destiny

When you understand your destiny, you awake each day with renewed purpose. Your problems can’t stop you. People can’t move you. And the devil can’t touch you. When you are truly Destiny’s Child, and I don’t mean the singing group, I’m talking about a fact of life, you become UNSTOPPABLE. Every breath you breathe becomes toxic poison to the enemy of your salvation and every step you make decreases his realm of influence over the people you love and care about. If they are connected to you, your destiny will deliver them too. Ask Joseph and Moses about it.

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