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Frustrated? Ask God for Strategy.

There are certain areas where you have been struggling in and it seems as if no matter how hard your press, it’s taking too long for a release in that particular area. I experienced this firsthand and thought to share what I have learned just a few short hours ago. Even as the children of Israel pressed through the wilderness to their Promise, there were assassins strategically placed to snuff them out. When they were least expecting, war came knocking at their gates. We must vigilant, especially those living in spiritual houses of industry, because evil observers are spying on you waiting for you to ease up off of your game just a little, to draw near for the kill. We must become like Nehemiah and work AND be prepared for war simultaneously.

Case in point. I had been making strong advances in a certain area when all of a sudden I felt a freeze. Not only did I sense a freeze in the spirit but there was a quietness that accommodated the chill in the air. I became very quiet as a animal in the forest when he knows he is being watched. Literally, I stood in this particular place of business and quieted my spirit so I could hear from my Father. I know tactical warfare and the ammo the enemy was using had a peculiar scent that I had not yet been trained by Holy Spirit to recognize so I petitioned my God.

I began to commune in my spirit with my Father and I said, “Father, release the strategy right now. Let me know where the enemy’s seat is because I sense him too close to me.” Not even five minutes later, an older woman who worked in this particular establishment approached me and struck a conversation. I knew this was no ordinary conversation because she and I had locked eyes and smiled peacefully between each other before and I didn’t feel anything pressing in her spirit. But after I prayed, Holy Spirit pushed this woman over to me and she literally talked me from that time until it was time for me to go. And guess what, this was no ordinary conversation, this woman was sharing, unbeknownst to her, what the enemy was doing to my assignment!

I stood there and smiled and was very graceful in the conversation knowing full well Father had summoned this woman’s spirit to share these certain things with me. By the time I exited that place of business, Holy Spirit had armed me with every vital piece of information I needed to know to shame my enemy, dethrone and unseat him, and expose him for the liar he always is.

I called my husband right away and as military generals we began to share top secret information that Holy Spirit made me privy to.

Saints, I shared this to let you know that the enemy desires to SIT right in the middle of your progress. Not only that, he desires to send demonic agents to harass you, frustrate you, and depress you but you CANNOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES bow to his wicked and devilish scheme. Your Father has all the tactics and strategies you need to whip your enemy and it is there for the asking. If you want to know where the enemy’s seat is concerning your stuff, I strongly advise you to get into a place where you can HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS SAYING, otherwise you will cry many days and have many sleepless nights trying to figure out the Why. Ask the Lord to reveal to you the enemy’s seat and politely, or not, dethrone him and place him back under your feet where he belongs.

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